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About the company

Customs Services is a logistics operator, which implements a set of services in transportation, customs clearance, storage, processing and delivery of goods to the final consumer.

A modern temporary storage warehouse and a customs warehouse area (approximately 2600 m2), customs clearance point, over 200 eurotruck parking spaces in the customs control area and Customs Services professional team ensure high quality implementation of complex of logistics services.

Customs services. Customs Services specialists will check commodity accompanying documents, produce goods customs declaration, calculate and, if necessary, pay customs duties and taxes.

Warehousing services. If for some reason you or your client will not be able to provide goods unloading, we place them in our warehouse and make delivery on the agreed schedule. Among the services Customs Services provides are cross-docking, packaging arrangement, labeling, packing and repacking of goods, as well as consolidation and deconsolidation of cargo shipments.

Road and sea transport forwarding services. Complex approach in the supply chain construction also provides transport component, which, in addition to transportation scheme construction, includes commodity and clearance supporting documents, cargo accompanying during transportation and other services to ensure its preservation (supplementary insurance).

Contract logistics support. Highly qualified Customs Services specialists provide an individual approach to the development of the project for your goods supply chain implementation. We take into account all the features of the product, ensure the transportation requirements, we perform customs clearance and promptly deliver the goods to you or your customers.

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